Saturday, June 09, 2007

Counter Punching Quote

*flashback* I remember my good friend Kristin in the UCR Earth Sciences Department stating along these lines, "If a thought is at the tip of your tongue, but still is unable to come out, then this thought or idea must have been unimportant." At the moment, I was a bit insulted because I had just experienced that frustrating tip-of-tongue effect in our conversation--something in my mind was trying to come out through my mouth but the neuromuscular connections weren't so efficient (I think I was sleep deprived). (And ugh! If only I had the reflexes of Robin Williams! I think his mouth works faster than his mind! Or maybe his mouth has its own separate mind of its own. Maybe that's why it works so fast....). Though I had an instant to feel insulted, I displayed a reflex response: "If a thought is truly important, it will come back to haunt you." Elements in your environment combined with internal elements will trigger the set of neurons to fire and connect again, and make you remember what needs to be remembered. Kristin agreed afterwards. I think we were on a field trip for her research on Cretaceous seeps in Northern California, somewhere near Palo Alto. It was a wonderful week, and a wonderful break from my own self-mutilating, workaholic brain!

I suppose that it will take a while for me to establish concrete mechanisms on my blogging techniques, but the most important thing is that on this very fateful early morning of June 9, 2007, I actually blogged. I feel like I accomplished something new today. Progress, indeed!

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