Saturday, July 07, 2007

Question Reality, The Elephant and the Oak Tree Abstracts

Just in case, if you didn't bother to notice my abstracts for Question Reality and The Elephant and the Oak Tree in my long, long, long resume (sorry) (my science writing professor, Hugh Marsh, used to make fun of me for my resume, because it was sooo long! Curriculum Vitae's can become so long that they could easily transform to a life story, a book of sorts... hmmm... good idea, huh?). These are just abstracts. Both books are not done, but I just need one more "crankin'" quarter and they'll hopefully both be over with. Cross my fingers my timeline of expectation is correct.

I can't WAIT to have these books out and self-published! It will be a gigantic relief from my chest. It weighs a lot on me, but I know they will both pour out to finish soon enough. Blue Horizons is giving me the tools that will allow me to tell people stories about what I write in a more multi-media, interactive way. Otherwise, they're just lifeless words (not in MY mind, but perhaps everyone else's) that no one will pay much attention to in this modern "competitive bombardment of stories," especially if you hold status of an obscure peon graduate student. :-)

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