Saturday, July 07, 2007

Shifting Baselines Blue Horizons Official Credit Sheet

Above is the jpeg and pdf file of the "Credit Sheet" that I created for Blue Horizons before I even started the program. Now that I have encountered random-and-interesting and filmably useful characters--so far, a member of the board of the Isla Vista Parks and Recreation District (IVPRD), a snowy plover docent, and two "homeless" men (I call them "unincorporated" people, I think the term "homeless" is too negative, whereas "unincorporated" is more like a romantic statement of freedom and individuality, sometimes I think homelessness is a statement of rebellion against the absurdity of Reality of modern society, so I wouldn't mind joining them once in a while, but this is a total tangent... sorry...). Where are we? So the past week I have met some very camera-friendly, enthusiastic, bona fide "natural-talent" actors to shoot, so I have to efficiently retrieve their contacts so they can receive their appropriate credit. I have more stories later, but I am thankful I thought of this beforehand. I chronically hear the looming echo of Michael Hanrahan’s ominous statement: “It’s all about data management.” If you don’t manage and organize your data, you can easily lose it, and you can’t build and go further with your work. I always thought this way, but it’s very nice to hear my own mentality coming out of someone else’s mouth. Instead of hearing my voice in my head all the time, I’m starting to hear other’s voices, reminding me of what’s the best thing to do….

I'm waiting for the day in which I'm going to have to deal with "permits." Ooooo, bad word. I was trying to avoid "the permit road block" as a scientist, but now as a novice film-maker, I'm seeing that permits are inevitable!!! *ugh*

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