Saturday, July 07, 2007

Thoughts of Chaotic Randomness

The Small Version.

The Larger Version.

I made a decision to shrink my images because they are way too large for the web, combined with a general inability to shrink them for suitable viewing. I hope this works. (Just found out that it did!)

My life is coming to order and falling apart, all at the same time. My mind desires to crank faster than the speed of light, but is unable to, due to my being up and alert until 4am in the morning. All my thoughts will just spew out in chaotic randomness.

Random Thought #1. I am posting the cartoon that was based on Hannah's and my conversation on Saturday evening at a Live Earth Climate Change music festival party at her house. I met one of the co-executive producers of "The Thin Red Line" by the name of Ross. I might have mistaken the movie. I am overwhelmed. I was lost that evening in the boonies of Santa Barbara and somehow ended up in Montecito. I finally found the house in the dark, along with my prof Constance Penley, as we both struggled to find the main, lighted house. Maria and her roommate were there. Hannah was sooo welcoming. We discussed project ideas. I myself right now--since I'm scootching pretty fast--decided to go independent, but am collaborating, as affiliated with Hannah and Dulce, with whatever days needed. I'm already "deep in the rabbit hole" with my project. I learned a valuable lesson: never ask any film professor about "agencies" and "agents" in Hollywood--perhaps even managers or any type of "middle men." I think she was totally turned off by my asking. Here was an opportunity to talk to such a knowledgeable person, and I was sooo mentally numb to ask such a question. Well... now I know. I have learned my lesson. This is my first ever "film studies" professor, as today I received my "first" ever lecture by a communications prof, of all things. I am learning new personalities on the "other side of the university"--the social sciences and humanities world--and I'm learning what questions to ask and what NOT to ask. There were a lot of other main themes this night, like my increasing anxiety to work on the "Shifting Baselines" song (besides the following Tuesday "panic attack").

Random Thought #2. Random thoughts seem to string together spatially-temporally anyway, even though I am brain-dead. Hmmm. Next year will be a conference at Bren on "how scientists can better communicate with the media and the public." I cannot believe it but the quasi-obscure guy in the back who was religiously auditing the film-studies course taught by Constance Penley is a cinematographer at and collaborates with a larger company (Discover, I think) with a renowned scientist film-maker (don't remember his name) who has had a key role, workin on Blue Planet and Planet Earth. I think Jim graduated from UCSB in environmental studies and geography in 1988, but I'm not sure of anything I am writing. I told him how I am a part of the Blue Horizons program (and that I'm just a beginner)--he knows and has worked with Michael Hanrahan--and I flat out stated how I was shocked and honored to sit right next to him. Jim stuttered and mumled, "Well, I'm just a guy, like everyone else." Well, he's a "GUY" but a guy with such superb skills to work on major film projects the rest of the world sees!!! SHEESH!

Random Thought #3. Rebellious musician Prince will be releasing for "free" a CD called "Planet Earth." There was a statement that billboard charts are unrelated to fans likings (which I heard from Jeff Timons is partially true). I just rack up more and more jealousy every day because I have all these songs stuck in my head and no physical, collaborative, nor financial outlet to transform these melodies and words and concepts into a tangible CD. I need to create a proposal, ASAP, eh? ya.... I am now more awake than five minutes ago.

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