Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blue Horizons Flagship Class Promotional Video, UC Santa Barbara, Summer 2007

Above is the "Blue Horizons" Flagship Class promotional video that was co-created by me (Vic), Nicole Bulalacao, and Maria de Oca. It's a bit rough in certain places, but overall it's superb. This is the only graded assignment I turned in for a grade that was a collaboration with other people. I learned that through collaboration, there involves great sacrifice (not in this circumstance, everything went well here, but in future projects I'll be working with). Several extreme views become canceled out, and the resulting film becomes... "conservative." *sigh* That's why sometimes I like to be solo. Simply because I'm not strapped down with "compromise" of other people's views. I was talking to Oscar Flores last night about how producing films is like being a part of a human experiment of governance and coordination of individuals in small human societies. Patterns and skews in communication and resource-energetics exchange regimes. You learn A LOT about human behavior under these conditions. It's better to play a real-live video game than play "human civilization" video games (Civilization 4 and Spore) on computer screens....

This promotional video will be used for a larger promotional video for Blue Horizons, which is currently being created by Hannah Apricot Eckberg and Nikki Ferri.

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