Sunday, September 16, 2007

Endless Environmental Messaging... Sample for Constance Penley's Course

Car by my apartment with bumper stickers addressing local environmental issues.

The magnet I was supposed to give to Tom Bristow at UCR, but never did. Oh well. Tom owns a biodiesel-converted car. Very similar in structure to the blue car portrayed above.

Random environmental messaging in the UCSB Summer Sessions brochure. I think Miriam Polne-Fuller is partly responsible for that! :-)

I saw this a few days ago, and I was dxmmed jealous for the cleverness of this advertisement. The coolest cigarette-butt bird I've seen. Automatic association: "Jack-in-the-box-where's-the-angus" type of commercial.

I noticed this bumper sticker three times within the quarter. Once at California Sound Studios. I filmed it on a car on the Fourth of July post fireworks. And one other time, don't remember the location in time and space. I think that subliminally means that I adore this bumper sticker, and I really need to get one for myself.... Hmmm....

Michael Hanrahan produced a film for the Environmental Defense Center (brochures above), which was very cool. I liked it a lot. Especially with a Jack-Johnson song intro.

I picked up this brochure in April of 2007. It turns out that Hannah Apricot Eckberg and Dulce Osuna created a film for this exact topic. I had the privilege of PAing, doing sound and some visual work for the interview with Tam Hunt at the Community Environmental Council.

From above...
Dr. Constance Penley asked us to keep some type of journal documenting "environmental messaging" we are exposed to in our daily lives. I quickly became overwhelmed because... basically environmental messaging is spreading around everywhere! I tried to keep track, especially in the Santa Barbara area... but remained unsuccessful.... Here, I am providing a small sample of messaging I had been exposed to. Perhaps 0.0001% of it.

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