Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nuts-and-Bolts for Film Pre-Production Package, Script Sample from Michael Hanrahan for Environmental Defense Center

Alternative scripts is like the story board. In TWO-OR-THREE COLUMN FORMAT. One column is LANGUAGE-NARRATION. One column is IMAGERY. Another column is MUSIC-ACOUSTICS. Maria de Oca, Hannah Eckberg, and Dulce Osuna's scripts were in this format. I prefer this format. The script I turned in was a "throw-away" script for a music video that never happened (at least for the time being). I have a mega-complex about not knowing how to play guitar, and felt like I needed to collaborate with a guitar player this summer, which never happend. But Oscar Flores and Dulce collaborated with a PROFESSOR who is a guitar player! Hopefully I am able to meet him soon! I will just learn guitar myself just to eliminate this inferiority complex.

You can see this sample script in action at the Environmental Defense Center's Website! Just scroll down to the bottom of the main page! I enjoyed the film a lot, particularly the Jack Johnson intro (as I have mentioned before).

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