Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nuts-and-Bolts for Film Pre-Production Package, Budget Sample from Michael Hanrahan

Above is a sample budget. When writing and constructing the pre-production package, towards the end I felt like I was writing the same-ol' grant proposals for scientific research. Funny, isn't it? That after practicing writing film pre-production plans, being exposed to business plans, and writing and being successfully funded with scientific proposals... that in the end, each industry has their own quirks with language and writing structure, in the end, the structure of writing and the end goal is the same: to convince people to give you funding and resources to complete a project. Some projects being economized and some projects being just to enhance science and society. That's it. I have written a lot about this topic: the commonalities of all human-story-telling and the four elements of all human stories. To be discussed another time...

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