Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Suggested Readings for the Beginning of Constance Penley's Environmental Media Course

Above were a list of beginning readings for the Environmental Media course. All very helpful for identifying themes in environmental media, but I think I am going through a "mental transition phase" in terms of reading "a bit rambling" literature from the social sciences and humanities... as opposed to the terseness and conciseness of hard sciences language. Flashback to freshman year at UC Davis, reading the rambling literature of "Mountain Landscapes and Life," as well as history documents related to the ideas of comparing the 1890s to the 1990s.... What a headache.

I hope I myself can establish a happy medium between poetic rambling and scientific terseness, but still be able to get the point across optimally: say the most with the least amount of words, but say enough to stimulate intrigue and emotional uproar, and not scientific apatheticness and emotional detachment (as I have said so many times, scientific papers are by far the best sleeping pills on the planet, sleep-in-five-minutes, guaranteed).

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