Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vic's Blow-Up Response to Placing Her First Two Movies On Blogger

Key words: public exposure, public firing squad, cut-and-paste, simplified Final Cut Pro, software program mentality, feedback loop, experimentation, alone, isolation, eusocial context, Castaway, Tom Hanks on an island, trust and don't rely, only person you can change is your self, influence people, manipulate people, how to manipulate humans, traffic jam, rage against the machine, mega-Hollywood movie star, the living art, ecological and evolutionary living work of art, sorting process, ecological role, most for the least, efficiency, dark ages of academia, film and music over scientific articles, direct competition versus indirect competition, diffuse competition, good at being unique but cannot directly compete, taking "social pills," mental metabolism, techno music, psychology of internet, youtube, revver, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Bright Cove

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