Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Zen of Rock Crab: Parts to Whole" / First Sketches of Blue Horizons Logo

Photoshop has revolutionized the way how I draw my logos! I add layers and extra levels of detail I could have never done before, thanks to photoshop! I just recently learned the benefit of creating logos in Illustrator (vector-based, not raster). The deal is that these logos behave like fractals. You can zoom into the logo and never lose resolution, whereas pixelation in Photoshop involves lost resolution when zooming in... until you just see blurry boxes :-)

I created this Blue Horizons logo on a late night, primarily in response to the 5-minute student oral presentations for Constance Penley's environmental media course. I found out late in the program that Clark was receiving a stipend for performing promotional duties for Blue Horizons. A part of his duty was to create a logo. In class, he showed a very nice image of the coast and a bent streak, as well as Platform Holly in the distance. I politely asked him as to whether this image would represent the new logo, and he said no. I went home angry, wondering why Clark was given such a job when I have a TRACK RECORD for being a logo designer guru. Even since middle school! Come on! Wasn't that on my resume? I think the following evening, I revealed my anger in the first rounds of sketches seen above. The logo actually took form in my mind the night before. So here are the layers: planet earth + the eye lens + pupil sunset + camera lens (square + circle) + bent horizons (event horizons!) + oil rigs, islands, seagull silhouettes + blue horizons lettering = BLUE HORIZONS LOGO! Wow, that was a lot of layering, man. Like a twisted sedimentary outcrop in Death Valley or Anza Borrego. Ugh!

Ultimately, I don't know whether Constance Penley or Michael Hanrahan will have any use for my logo, but in the end, I had to do it myself to prove to myself that I can create such a logo for a program. And it's an internal calling for me to construct a gestalt logo for the Blue Horizons experience.

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