Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Zen of Rock Crab: Parts to Whole" / Kinkos Files Props Ready to Print for Introduction

I just got off the phone with my father, sir Bub. Ha ha. He used to be ChairBub of the Earth Science Department at UCR, but those horrid days are OVER. At the White-Inyos Mountain Field Station, they threw this big party for Bub for his birthday--and Tom Bristow's birthday as well. The cake was a very elaborate map of the region, with geological features, the works! Bub got a bunch of t-shirts. Tons of crazy stuff happened! I am trying to get over my phase of jealousy. Bub said people took lots of pictures. One of his presents was the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" and dxmmit, FINALLY he watched that movie! We discussed it together, and I'll ultimately write a critique on it. I'm thumbs up on the movie overall.

In an attempt to focus... Above are the images that I frantically printed at the Kinkos at midnight a few days before the "Zen of Rock Crab" film was due. I used these props, in addition to Sam and Sherry Shrout's now FAMOUS plastic crabs (from Scavenge lingerie store, downtown Santa Barbara). I tried to film the color prints at Kinkos, but the environment was so boring and drabby. I was somehow spontaneously creative even at 1am in the morning (I currently have lost that ability, lack of creative metabolic drive due to the off-quarter season). I said, if I really want to hook people to this movie, I have got to think of something real spiffy, real "slick." As I have acquired the nickname "SlickVic" in a Nevada adventure geology field trip with Seth and Joe... and Skitz, the schizophrenic ranchhand in the boonies of Nevada. So, ultimately, I strategically placed my color prints all over displays and grad mail room props in the Geology building. When I was doing this, I felt that I overlaid this negative layer of failure and incompletion with a positive layer of positive addiction and creativity. I overlaid my painful past with a very new, recent, thriving present film-making present. Riverside is so full of stories like that. I'll probably keep going back to Riverside to film specific elements, just to replace negative layers of pain with positive layers of progress. It's like I'm in a two-year mental debt to my own home-town. Recooperation is a slow progress. It will involve a lot of writing... like this. One part of the movie, I have a very faded image of myself on the wall near by Mary Droser's office. I managed to get a nice smile with my hermit crab hat on (which I don't have right now, though I wish I did). [I smell pot downstairs. Oh well. Maybe it's a skunk. Pot. Weed. Skunk. Whatever.] Nevertheless, the picture was faded and the smile was hiding, insecure, faded, fake, delusioned. I had my name there and my interests in marine historical ecology (which I am still interested in, but in a movie-sort of way, not a scientific writing document sort of way). Like I'd rather make a marine historical ecology movie than write three boring scientific papers. I'd love to make a movie about "Ecological Ghosts" with the general theme of what things are like now isn't necessarily how it will be, and how it was before. We are surrounded by ghosts that we take for granted, ghosts that we need to know about, if we truly want to know and create a future for ourselves and the world that we live in. You could basically make an Ecology Freak Movie like Blaire Witch Project, quite easily. So here, great! I'm giving my idea out for free.... As long as I receive credit and citation for the idea, you can go ahead and have it. Make the dxm movie without consulting me! My goal is to BEAT YOU to it!

So again, I have this faded picture of myself, and instead, here I am, quickly getting a comical "MockHollywood" image of myself posing for the camera with my older Nikon Coolpix camera, out in the desert by Ruby Mountain (where we mapped igneous rocks spring of 2006). Instead, it says "Victoria: [Rock] Crab Paparazzi." I replaced an older, demonic definition of self, with a newer, up-to-date version of Victoria. Goes great on business cards as well. It's just a joke. I am not obsessed with the rock crab itself. I am obsessed with it's philosophical symbolism of the matrix of human ecology. That's what makes me so driven about the project. The rabbithole of philosophical context of the rock crab. That's all. And, to top it off, I don't mind calling myself a Film Student. It just slipped right out of my mouth. Like I barfed out a rose, and it came out in one piece, stille even SMELLING like a rose. Victoria: Film Student. Voila. Classify Victoria. Theory of Mental Everything. Seeker of Holistic Education. Victoria. Film Student.

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