Monday, September 24, 2007

"Zen of Rock Crab: Parts to Whole" / Lyrics and Guitar Music Sheet for Song "Where Stuff Comes From, Where Stuff Goes"

I am staring at my music lyrics, and ironically I am a little panicky right now because I just found a CCS class at UCSB that involves around music videos. The class starts THIS THURSDAY and lab is on FRIDAY, and I am absolutely freaking out because this class is optimal for me, but in terms of time and energy allocation, and my unstable bureacratic circumstance, this may not be able to happen. Plus I was planning on leaving today for some peace and quiet before fall quarter "the shxt hits the fan" type of situation. I am thinking of speaking with the professor of the class before I leave to tell her my circumstance, and ask her whether I can audit portions of the class. I am more than mentally ready for such a course, my goodness! It's like I'm still re-constructing Blue Horizons around me all over again this quarter!

Before I moved into the new apartment at Santa Ynez (I had to move and end the contract with Joanna Deek, a very pleasant biochemistry graduate student), I was composing music for "Where Stuff Comes From, Where Stuff Goes." I could not see the "larger picture" of the movie since I was mentally stumped with this temporal-spatial constraint. Dulce has several connections with the UCSB mariachi group and beyond. And plus, Dulce has a BEAUTIFUL voice! She is aware of and can adjust subtle-ties and nuances in her voice that I do not have the ability to do. Dulce's website is: She even has a small handful of images on her front page that I took right after the interview with Tam Hunt at Community Environmental Council! Boy, I feel glad to be useful! I remember at one point, I was still going through American-Idol post-pardum depression (a long story there as well), and then I had a vibrant conversation about music with Dulce out on the balcony of Kerr Hall. She asked me to sing aloud, and at that point I was embarrassed and sang very soft and stuttery. Or maybe this was BEFORE American Idol. But Dulce has been very supportive since I have told her my goals in music. It's tragic this song above had never been manifested, except in sketch form. Perhaps it can be resurrected this quarter? I need to get over this guitar complex and this public singing complex, as SOON as possible!

It's amazing how stress and anxiety tremendously impacts the way how you write. I am feeling it right now.

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