Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Zen of Rock Crab: Parts to Whole" Matrix Grids of Mapping Language on Landscapes

I just belched out a long, semi-organized blog on the history of constructing these images, but I will just get to the point for now. These images are of very interesting subjects of conversation, perhaps closely tied to my inevitable Ph.D. thesis. Here are some of the themes I think about, and are also simulataneously related to these "Matrix Grids" art pieces:

(1). The Matrix of the Mind: Mapping Language on Landscapes
(2). Layers and Matrix Grids of Landscapes, intertwined, multi-factorial analysis, not linear cause-effect reasoning, feedback effects, the system is a product of the premises, fractals, the present is not only the key to the past, the present is BUILT upon the past, to understand layers and systems of space (mental reconstruction and deconstruction), you must rewind and fastforward the clock of time, "please be kind, do rewind, all the tangled layers of space and time, back to the point of origin, for where it begins, is where it ends, is where it begins all over again" poem "Outside the Box and Into the Landscape," input-output systems
(3). Human specialist versus generalist knowledge, university system as an "overspecialized rainforest of filled, boxed-in intellectual niche space, vulnerable to extinction" or as "genetically and intellectually incestuous bacterial mats of intertwined premordial ooze, ready to build and blossom" (though the language does not portray aesthetics, UCSB would be the latter, and UCR would be the former)
(4). Spacetime perception of "surface value" "space-static" knowledge versus "rabbit hole" "time-depth-jenga-legoes-dynamic" knowledge of landscapes, role of education systems in ability to mold practical human imagination...
(5). Shifting Baselines in Scientific Convention, Playing psychology with scientists (my units of study), observation of the obsessive, ritualistic collecting/sampling habits of scientists (consult Jay Mechling of UC Davis!), scientific decision-making and use and abuse and serious psychological dependence on technological crutches and statistical cop-outs (rather than trust in neurological human intuition), aka "external hypersensory, hyper-analytical appendages," (e.g. in short, Darwin came up with theories of evolution by natural selection WITHOUT a computer, without the invention of a great degree of statistics, and without performing experiments, he simply collected and organized a lot of biological crxp from all over the world, he cleaned and categorized his room, essentially... if he did that today with modern scientific convention, people would think Darwin was whack and voodoo, or maybe we should just re-assess ourselves and leave Darwin as our baseline of solid intellect and human integrative intuition), shifts in scientific writing structures and patterns
(6). Scientist splaying the game of intellectual territorialism of landscapes, intellectual territorialism of spacetime co-evolved with barriers in language, by products of the male mind dominating science for the last few hundred, thousand, million years? Males thrive on debate, and competition, and forming and defending and occupying territory, rather than the female tendency toward conflict resolution, dissolve borders, and attempt to communicate and share? and in general, just clean up all the mess that males have been making? in the house and in the intellectual regimes of the university?
(7). Perceptional Distortion, Perceptual Navel-Gazing Effect, scientists warped perception of spacetime and landscapes, scientists as specialists trained only to see and interact with certain aspects of the environment and not the gestalt, systematically holistic understanding of the larger picture, all the main "layers" and "strings" accounted for in a system

I am finding myself repeating myself from previous blogs. Sorry. I am pissing myself off, let alone you, the quasi-random reader? Or maybe it's my dad, Bub, reading this... for sure he'll read this... maybe... I dunno. Well, if anyone happens to read this? Sorry if I'm slightly repetitive from previous blogs...

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