Monday, September 24, 2007

"Zen of Rock Crab: Parts to Whole" / Used Images for Intro Credits

The silhouette of the girl inside the onion was actually not a part of the movie. I didn't want to look like a "flaming environmentalist" with that image. It makes me obvious, and it might turn people off. When the Reality is that I'm not an environmentalist, or at least an extreme version of them (Charlie the fisherman calls them "enviros," people who tend to be "sadistically irrational," I chimed in), but I'm more a mental-tripper-philosophy type about self-environment relations. And pro-bono for y'all, I'm not a religious-ecology person either. *Whew.* My philosophisizing of science and religion I believe has peaked, and I am mentally resolved in their co-existence.

Otherwise, these were the images used in the beginning of the movie. I represented Blue Horizons at UCSB first, for they have provided the context for allowing me to learn how to make movies, and then I included my own personal self-definitions: "box theory" and "thinking outside the box" in addition to the "two butterflies," which symbolize the interaction and bond between friends and the bond and interaction between the Self and the Environment (based on a poem I wrote my senior undergrad year at UCSB, sent cards to my good friends Meg and Maysha). Then again, you can be a gross male and perceive the "69" effect, for which one guy did, but I was naive of the existing incumbent human-social implications of "69," and due to my naivete, I still accept myself for innocently creating this logo. AND YES! I DREW EVERYTHING BY MYSELF!

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