Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Zen of Rock Crab: Parts to Whole" / Vic's Home-made Narration Music

Victoria's First Podcast, Featuring Music and Monologue-Narration from the Movie-Beginning "World's Easiest Catch: The Zen of Rock Crab." Please visit:


I am announcing a personal breakthrough. I HAVE INITIATED MY FIRST PODCAST!!! I am so excited! Woohoo! I find it incredibly ironic that creating a podcast has been more hassle for me than creating a video-log (vlog) or even this blog right here. At the end of two or three days of personal research and painful trial and error (I can't wait to jog after this!), I come to announce that the best websites to host podcasts are:




There are trade-offs with BOTH websites. At first I was going with http://www.mypodcast.com/, simply because it was a "bubbly-style" user-friendly interface (same as clickcaster), but Mypodcast offered UNLIMITED hosting and bandwith, whereas clickcaster only offered 125 MB free. In the END OF THE DAY, I vote for CLICKCASTER? Why? Because this morning I was having a panic attack simply because Mypodcast was lagging like SLOWER THAN A SNAIL in terms of uploading files, and with clickcaster, everything was up and running *bam * bam * bam!* What else can I say? I support programs that fire just as fast as my neurons. I am into instant gratification and speed with computers. Mypodcast really failed me today, though it seems to have lots of potential. I have not done research on these companies' relative success. I SUGGEST GOING TO WIKIPEDIA AND SEARCH "PODCAST" BECAUSE THEY PROVIDE AN EXTENSIVE LIST OF PODCAST DIRECTORIES FOR YOU TO SURVEY AND EXPERIMENT WITH.

In the end, I highly recommend composing your own music, because though it's temporarily more work and beating your head against the wall for a few days to spontaneously create music, in the long run, you eliminate hassle of permits and rights and relying on other people for music and PAYING a lot of money for other people's music. It's a faster, cheaper ticket to enter your movie to film festivals if you have entirely original compiled audiovisual data!

I retro-actively thank my parents for quasi-making me and my sister, Jenny, for taking piano lessons as younger kids. And I am thankful for the presence of Bolek and Kuba for instilling competition and collaboration among the four of us for making the piano experience more of a personal, internal drive than a parental dictatorship experience. Thanks to Tina Guin for forcing us to learn piano theory! At the time was utterly useless information. Now, retroactively extremely useful and highly desirable knowledge! :-)

To think that playing all roles in making movies (from acting to directing to producing to editing to music-making to PAing to scouting to researching to etc to etc to etc) is the resulting mass accumulation and integration of all the elements I have learned in my life, it is such a rewarding feeling!

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