Monday, September 24, 2007

"Zen of Rock Crab: Parts to Whole" / The Infamous Consumer Belljar Prop

And here it is! The infamous "consumer belljar" I used in the "Zen of Rock Crab" movie. This curvy yellow cup was a very unlikely, and very spontaneous prop. I came home to Riverside a few days after my birthday, and my mother unexpectedly showered me with a series of 99-cent store gifts (it's family tradition, "presents: it's the practical thought that counts, not the price). As an aside, my friend Jesse at California Sound Studios griped about how his ex-wife's mom gave him a pack of 99-cent store macaroni for Christmas. I guess that's unusual for his circumstaNce, but it's quite a commonplace, family-tradition act to me!). I was in very high anxiety, and actually didn't want to go through this present routine with my parents (as soon as I got home, too!) No anticipation! So, I hastily unwrapped presents and finally encountered this... yellow... cup. I was puzzled. Whatin the hxll am I going to do with something like this? Besides, it's yellow, like some infestuous pool of urine. Like city cesspool water, like in Dostoyevki's Crime and Punishment. I would be scared to drink out of it (retroactively, I did, out of desperation of being in Riverside's 110-degree weather for 5-days straight).

*Bingo!* A few nights later, I go foraging around the house for a "consumer belljar" prop. *Bingo!* *Bullseye!* That infestuous, curvy, see-through yellow cup for my 1-year old birthday! (Given that women don't mature till age 25, men till 50, just a reminder). So this potentially Goodwill cup (my mom raids Goodwill stores, and instilled such values in me) from my mom (who has immense difficulty shopping for presents for me), ended up being immensely symbolically useful with a few days of receiving it... ha ha HA! Thanks Mama! You did it this time!

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