Monday, September 24, 2007

"Zen of Rock Crab: Parts to Whole" / Metabolecological Heart

The root problem of the environment is the way how we PERCEIVE it, which is framed and imprisoned by our EXISTING LANGUAGE. So? "Metabolecological Heart" is a new way how to perceive things, if you release the chains of education and language, and let your mind go about freely to explore the properties of space and time....

[I just came home from a LONG day at school, meeting some people I am RELIEVED I met, and meeting some people that were of no help at all. I'm trying to get myself out of Santa Barbara, but people and meetings keep making me STAY! Ugh! I just want to go home and hide for a little bit!!! It's hard to write linearly when your brain is filled with *crxp* from learning new things the entire day.]

I think I will make an art-piece series that revolves around the new qualiative-based philosophy of ecology (ecology of size), all revolving around the universal scaling laws in biology/ecology. The mathematical portion of it is being worked out by Dr. Brian West (epitome of as-cool-and-as-flexible-a-physicist-can-get, I mean, a physicist has to be pretty open-minded to have the capacity to work with the rationally sloppy mind and world of a biologist, he's stationed at another "CCS" College of Creative Studies-like program in New Mexico), Dr. James Brown (my dad uses his Biogeography book for class), Dr. Brian Enquist (in Arizona, worked fairly closely with Bruce Tiffney in compiling paleobotanical data for scaling laws), and Melanie ? (forgot last name) who works with scaling laws and construction of human systems and technologies (Ack! What breakthrough research!) What an amazing, humble, cool group of people! How inspiring! Chinese dinner on the house in downtown San Francisco! If you can't beat them, join them. I suppose at the moment I am their subconscious collaborator. I hope to show them some of my work by the time the next round of AAAS comes about. Anyhoo...

Dr. Pete Sadler at UC Riverside works with scaling laws in geology as well... so I have to consult with him soon enough. The scaling laws folks are working on fractal math that is basically going to philosophically re-organize our ecology and biology textbooks. They are working on the math. And me? I'm working on the philosophical, qualitative re-organization of ecology in space and time. Their work totally justifies and correlates with my application of spacetime reasoning to ecology (just as in film and geology, why not ecology? why not anything and everything?) Spacetime reasoning: the same mechanism of how I wrote my Question Reality book. I think "The Day After Tomorrow" is the creative sci-fi version of climate change, and my "Question Reality" book is the sci-fi version of scaling laws in biology. Or is it sci-fi? Or maybe it may manifest a little more truth than you thought?

So, "Metabolecological heart" is something I drew that I need to improve. It was actually a very poor sketch with "rough-sharp" edges, when I desired more "smooth curves." Though, when I drew this sketch, I made the best of what I had, given my personal mental impairment due to the anxiety of temporarily moving towards the very end of the Blue Horizons program.

"Metabolecological heart" discusses that there is a pace and rate and metabolism of an ecosystem that is the summation or a bit more than the summation of the pace of its biological components ("metabolecological clocks" ohhh... another picture to draw!), intertwined with the rhythmicities and eccentricities-unpredictabilities of it sabiotic factors as well.... And I must say this human society has a mental and physiological metabolism that is close to inhumane, and drives people to insanity and pill-popping. I hide and isolate myself, and control my environment so much due to this pace of humanity. Like for example, I never watch television, only listen to techno radio, and all my walls are blank slate white. It's control against overstimulation of environmental stimuli that I refuse to be exposed to! "Rage Against the Machine" is quite an accurate name for a music band in terms of what I experience and do everyday, just to control the environmental exposure of information and resource inputs and outputs, just to maintain self-sanity.

[Relax, Vic! Consume Freebirds Chips out of Anxiety?! Time pressure is making me ask questions when I am not sure I am ready to do any of this...]

"Metabolecological Heart" is a drawing that related to a song I composed and wrote a guitar music sheet to: "Where Stuff Comes From: Where Stuff Goes." The song never manifested because I didn't have the opportunity to bond with guitar players in Santa Barbara due to time constraints of the summer sessions. Bonding with guitar players is definitely a top priority for next quarter. I shot out a couple of embarrassing Craigslist advertisements as well, and made internet contact with a few people I plan to follow up with. By the time I found out Keith Boynton played guitar very well, and I showed him my lyrics, he stated that some of the chords are tricky. Frank Wright at California Sound Studios (a professional guitar player working for Warner Brothers, of course) seemed absolutely unfrightened and uninhibited about the content of my song. Well, at one point, towards the end of the program ("time crunch" period), Keith just gave me this look that clearly stated: "Why are you bugging and relying on guitar players? If you know how to play the piano and record your stuff, then just do it YOURSELF!" Yep, he had exactly that look in his face, and I took it very seriously... and did just that. I bammed on the piano in a church in Mission Viejo, edited my music at Matt's and Mike's house by UC Irvine, and there, made the soundtrack all by myself. I am going to eradicate this guitar complex as soon as possible. Maybe there is enough time to take a guitar class this quarter...

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