Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Algorithmic Anger...

Are you saying that I, Victoria, am not a Math Proof?
I, Victoria, am NOT an algorithm?
Are you saying that I, Victoria, am not a software program with hardwiring?
Are you saying that every single I time I write English Code on paper
That I am NOT writing software code for my brain?
That frames my mind to producing new spatial-temporal structures you deem as "Art?"
Are you saying, that I am not a living, breathing algorithm in my own right?
And that I'm not good enough to be in your ingroup
Simply because I don't have an extra computer glued to my hands and my mind?
When computers are invented by the same Homo sapiens biotechnology as me ANYWAY?
I think this is INSULTING to assume that I am not good enough for this department.
I am a piece of biological technology. My mind. My form.
My perception and interaction with my environment.
It's just a matter of you having the capacity to SEE it.
And Sorry. Dxmmit. I am a female, and I have emotions.
Dxmmit. I have EMOTIONS.

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