Saturday, January 26, 2008

106. UCSB Blue Horizons Behind the Scenes: Students at Work (Former "Art" as "Evidence")

Helen is missing too!

UCSB Blue Horizons Collage, Behind the Scenes, Students at Work.
What was formerly a volunteer art project that I was planning on doing out of my own good will ends up being used as "show me the data" evidence for contesting a final grade in concern of contribution to the class--participation and collaboration.

[March 5 2008 Vic Retroactively Cuts out an Image and a Paragraph Due to Previous Misunderstandings]

Despite her absence during the last week, the following photocollages are solid evidence demonstrating Victoria Minnich's extensive volunteer PAing for three different final projects for Blue Horizons during the weeks previous to the final week (summer of 2007):
Blue Horizons Behind the Scenes: Maria de Oca filming Dr. Kim Selkoe and the head chef of Elements Restaurant, Downtown Santa Barbara, California, August 9, 2007 "Santa Barbara Sustainable Seafood" Blue Horizons Behind the Scenes: film shoot with Tam Hunt, JD, Community Environmental Council, Dulce Osuna, Hannah Eckberg, Downtown Santa Barbara, California, July 25, 2007 "A New Wave of Energy" (Ocean Energy as Alternative Energy)
Blue Horizons Behind the Scenes: film shoot with Dr. Milton Love, Dave, Ben, Logan, Dr. Love's office, UC Santa Barbara, California, August 3, 2007 "Rigs-to-Reefs Issue"

The group photo was taken with "self-timer" on my Nikon D80 at Coal Oil Point Reserve around July 6, 2007. Students took a walk during our first social gathering at Dr. Constance Penley's house. Also missing from the image is Helen (besides Logan)!

My brain hurts thinking about this.... I am at a Starbucks in Camarillo and I'm trying very hard to hold back from crying....

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