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114. The Stigma of Yahoo Personals, Data Collection for N = 7/11 and the Science of Dating

Above is data for the future manuscript N = 7/11.

One thing I hate doing is repeating myself. Lately, since life has been going by so fast, I have come to lose track of what I have said to whom. But if I talk about the newest and latest intellectual drama in my life, then there are good chances I am not repeating myself, but engaging a specific audience in new variations of the same underlying inter-related themes of being a human being on planet Earth. Since I have largely figured out these main themes, I decided that science fiction can foreseeably play a huge role in my future life, simply because I am fascinated by and interested in discovering/creating mechanisms and matrices (structures of knowledge) rather than figuring out the Jeopardy details that get classified within these frameworks.

Another reason why I need science fiction in my life is so that I can engage in a series of thought experiments that I could not feasibly implement on human beings and human society, simply because it would be deemed "unethical." As a science fiction writer, I would have the ability to play the role of "alien" and attempt to objectively experiment with human/environmental behavior and processes and dream of outcomes of such experiments. It would be wonderful. I think we need some serious science fiction to progress humanity to "the next step" of self-system sufficiency. But this whole science fiction is an aside. Back to the point.

Five Points.

#1. I just looked up whether I discussed on this blog my primal mammalian condition. Apparently I have not done a very thorough job. So, I have a bit of a license to discuss this issue a bit here.

#2. This is in part an embarassing blog (partly yes, partly no). The above pdf is something I wrote a while ago (2003?). Yahoo personals profile with no image (thank goodness), and I do admit it's highly out of date, but captures my mentality at a given point in space and time.

#3. Date for book / script N = 7/11. One day Vic will write an essay in which a female protagonist treats dating as a series of scientific experiments. I am considering that there might be two parallel universes in which the female has a chip inserted in her mind by an alien species that objectively studies human behavior. Maybe this alien species will have three sexes, two sexes can symbiotically combine in a mutualistic physiology, and only on this condition of symbiosis, can there be genetic exchange with the third sex. Hmmm, wow, I'm trying to focus here. Seriously. So, the female human would go through a certain set of interpretational responses to her dating experiments, the alien would document all physical and mental responses of the female human, but would also go through its own set of interpretations of the experiment. Which would be utterly fascinating sci fi experiment on human behavior. I think the ending would be ultimately dark.

#4. What is my recent trial of N = 7/11. A lame one, I'd say. Never done Craigslist before, but met a UCSB Media Arts Technology (MAT) graduate student through Craigslist. It was so comedy. I read the geeky profile and emailed the random guy: "Do you go to UCSB? By any chance, are you affiliated with the MAT department?" And out of all randomness, these questions were answered as yes both times. So this mysterious male specimen, by the name of Charlie, sounded good on paper and well... a bit dull and apathetic in person. No emotional and crazy energetic enthusiasm that I have. Though this is just one trial on Craigslist, I am already establishing phobia of deriving sample specimens from the internet. "On-line mate shopping" is just a bit disturbing for me, as this American culture stigmatizes any individual who remains single and uninvolved in a meaningless, waste-of-time relationship. Not the cool thing to do for gringos. So, I'm uncool.

#5. I discovered recently that I could be classified as "quirky-alone" but I think this label is negative and unrepresentative of my condition. So, I invented a new label called ISI, or Intellectually Self Indulgent. Which can partially mean "I am the slave to my own ideas, otherwise I would be the slave to others." My brain self-employs itself. My brain it its own boss of other parts of my brain. ISI is also known as the Jim Carrey Syndrome, which is defined by this approximate quote, "How can anyone be involved in a relationship when he or she is so in love with his/her own ideas?" Amen to that. At first ISI meant Intellectually Self Infatuated. But, uh, that sounds... uh... something that would go on a self-inflicting porn site, so we must change the lingo here. Intellectually Self Indulgent versus Quirky Alone is white versus black. "Quirky alone" is an "externalized label" / exterior perception of a "single" person. Intellectually Self Indulgent is an "interalized label" such that the person who is his/her sole piece is indulged in his her own scientific/artistic/infinitely creative construction of reality, and that it's a very colorful, fulfilling life. Quirky-alones seem to stand for socially dysfunctional homeless people off the streets of downtown San Francisco. If the inventor of Quirky-alone terminology is so adamant to create a singles-lifestyle-culture, she better make a more "positive and uplifting" label for her cult, not some stigmatic tone of psychological disorder. Sorry for being so opinionated, but it's just me :-)

Run-off points, as usual.

#6. Back to this Charlie guy off of Craigslist. I thought his name would bring good luck because I named my camera (Sony DVX 2100) Charlie (there's actually twins, one Charlie is camera D at the Film and Media Studies Department, and I have this Charlie at home). Charlie the camera is named after this plant I bought at the 99 cent store during my senior year at the College of Creative Studies at UCSB. I placed a tape on the plant pot that said "Charlie" and it also said "a metapopulation of independent apices" (quoting Bruce Tiffney). The thing that is so special about Charlie the Plant is that no matter how much I neglected it (which included low sun and close to no water), Charlie still managed to survive throughout the entire year. I am not going to ask how or why. I was actually pissed it would never die, becuase I don't like taking care of other living organisms. I actually chucked Charlie out in the front of my university apartment area... and I bet Charlie is so determined to survive he probably took root there, even though I made no efforts to dig a hole for him in the ground. So, yes, Charlie is a good luck name in its own absurd ways. Charlie off of Craigslist met me at a state of emotional uproar. I just found out I received two Cs for Blue Horizons film program and I lost 1450 on Craigslist for trying to buy a macbook pro computer. Charlie was so placid while I was bipolarly rambling, it was in part disturbing. Charlie said he was six feet tall. He lied. I am taller than him and I am 5'11.5" or maybe even shorter (gravity takes it toll over time, even on twenty-something-year-olds). I even felt GUILTY for lying to the DMV, that I was six feet tall. They even advocated that I do this for logistical purposes. They don't have enough place holders on the card for "5'11.5."" I have encountered several guys who have lied about their height and it drives me off the wall in a subliminal way. I am asking "why"? What's the point? What are you trying to prove? To whom? It seems like male-overestimation of height is just another chest-beating, ape-like, alpha-male practice. Sheesh.

#7. Dxmmit. I'm human and I need a hug sometimes, okay? Maybe that's why I look up Craigslist. I teased my dad one time, "How much do you charge for a hug?" Hugs are rare in my life. At one point at UCLA I went 6 months without a hug from anyone, and then I got hugs from my mom and my dad and I felt this strange tingled sensation all over my body, an immense release of built-up stress and anxiety I didn't know that otherwise existed. Primitive mammalian needs are just built into my system. Dxmmit. Then again, maybe that's why I love Mini, Lisa's and Kyle's new dog. I get hugs and licks from Mini once a day or once every other day, and it satisfies that stupid requirement of my primitive brain needing hugs to relieve anxiety. I hate being a mammal sometimes. Those stupid biological prerequisites for sanity....

#8. Internet and Dating. Hot topic in the news, eh? Hot topic for new movie twists, eh? Eventually, time must be devoted to an essay on the Philosophy of Human Communication and the Philosophy of Technology-Mediated Human Communication: Relationships in Altered Space and Time. There needs to be an extensive matrix comparing the different modes of communication (person to person, snail mail, email, phone call, internet chatrooms, etcetera), neutrally, positively, negatively, and why humans have a tendency to resort to certain modes of communication over other modes. Advantages and disadvantages of certain modes of communication. In this essay, I must not forget to mention about this new disease (which I partly possess) called ECP or ElectronoCommunicatiPhobia. And there needs to be some type of column or short paper on why I am anti-one-laptop-per-child, this imperialistic "non-profit" effort at MIT in which the leader feels that every child on this planet needs a laptop. To me, this is a chauvinistic effort to impose American lifestyle and culture onto the lives and cultures of other countries, which alters human communication regimes, maybe not necessarily for the net-good of anything. Studying human behavior to me is like studying how leaf cutter ants communicate. Simple as that. Ever since my own psychological disorder, I have been establishing a way on how to systematically deconstruct and reconstruct humans from an alien point of view.

Key Words: stigma, yahoo personals, N = 7, repetition, science fiction, mammal, Charlie, quirky alone, intellectually self indulgent, ISI, Jim Carrey Syndrome, lying about height, mini DV tapes, technology-mediated communication, electronocommunicatiphobia, ECP

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