Saturday, March 08, 2008

122. A Return to Blue Horizons: Housing Re-arrangements at Santa Ynez, A Troubling Situation at the End of the Program

Blogger is totally pissing me off. It took me two hours to upload the above images, with no success. I had to upload them to stokastika googlepages. Then I wrote three paragraphs of a blog and Blogger didn't even save that. I have to write this blog all over again! This has taken me THREE HOURS for one silly blog. I am about to punch something or someone. What is going on here?!! I never had this problem before! I am going to do a short blog now. Just in bulleted format.
**Housing Agreement and Inspection for August 15 to August 25.
**The FINE PRINT. Vic never reads. Wayne the in-training-lawyer (from Riverside, met at Starbucks around Thanksgiving) reads ALL FINE PRINT (housing agreements, credit card agreements, business deals, etcetera). Vic may suffer consequences for this)
**Cannot focus and finish Blue Horizons if don't have stable housing
**Michael was supportive, signed above letter, Constance was hesistant and said that there was not necessarily a need for her to get involved and make a huge fuss, hence, an unsigned letter above, Victoria rebutted and said I thought what I was doing was just protocol, you're just verifying that I am part of Blue Horizons and that I am in need of housing
**Denise Bellanger of Summer Sessions went out of the way to help, Denise knows the ins and outs of the bureaucracy of university student housing due to her job of helping international students finding places to stay for Summer Sessions, she ultimately contacted Christina Martinez, head housing manager at Santa Ynez (who taunted Vic earlier in the summer: "You know you're going to have to move out August 15.") Denise transformed Christina Martinez from unapproachable to receptive, accomodating, and caring of my strange situation. Vic moved around the 15th with two other girls, could not handle the move from being alone and in a state of hypercreativity then to having to calm down, being around two other girls... especially the last week of crunch time to finish the film...

Boy, Vic was a wreck, and she is psychologically a wreck right now. Maybe Blogger can follow through when she pushes the "publish" button.

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