Sunday, March 09, 2008

123. A Return to Blue Horizons: Housing Move-Out Guidelines, Nuts-and-Bolts

Above is a basic guideline for moving out of the Santa Ynez Apartments at UC Santa Barbaa. Protocols and Guidelines to Moving In and Moving Out.... moving all your human technological crxp. I, of course, moved out on August 25, 2007. By that time, I was so exhausted, so happy, so relieved just to have finished Blue Horizons, so relieved to finally reach the other side of a close to two-year rut. Her brain transformed from mental prison to mental flow. I was in the passenger seat, enjoying a ride with my father through the back streets of Santa Barbara--the eucalyptus groves and oak trees--plotting a script for Bub's future movie on fire ecology.... Who would have known there were two negative time bombs waiting on her transcript? It would have been dangerous to know at that time. And it is very good Vic did not know.... Until close to six months later....

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