Sunday, March 09, 2008

125. Blue Horizons Continued: Submitted Overdone Application in May of 2007 While Housekeeping

I'm still currently having problems with Blogger and uploading images, but right now I just learned how to cut and paste html code from Picasaweb to Blogger and now my images are popping up in a jiffy. My brain was too dead to think of such a solution last night. Would have saved me three hours!

And just in case this annoys you, I try to invert colors or shift colors of nearly all my images to to experiment with an alternative reality of the system itself. I feel that there must be an alternative reality to nearly everything we see and experience. It's just a matter of finding the right angle and asking-questions-seeking-answers from this point of view.

Above is the Blue Horizons application I sent, and I found out retro-actively that I worked WAY to hard on the this application. It turned out that all I needed to do was fill out ONE paper, which is included above. I wrote an extensive "why" I wanted to do Blue Horizons essay, and it's funny all I had to do was write a short 250-word paragraph. Oh well. I am glad I worked hard because all my scattered, diffuse experiences converged into one place. It was the first time I was submitting a Resume/CV where my dimenions of science and ART were elaborated. Finally, art counts for something in my life! Institutionally incorporating my right brain! After all these years of suppression and dormancy....

Apparently I submitted the application on May 19, 2007, when I was still house-keeping in Orange County. What a mess I was. That job helped me appreciate being in the university and using my brain. I need a refresher on the hamburger-flipping type of jobs. Last hamburger-flipping job I had was Domino's Pizza (which terminated in Winter 2001), though I do admit house-keeping involves much more diverse tasks and people skills than Domino's Pizza. It's funny to think that I jumped from house-keeping to film training to now prospectively interning at nationwide journalism organizations. This jump from the mindless repetition to inspiring innovation is like jumping from black to white. It's amazing what one brain can do!

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