Sunday, March 09, 2008

127. Blue Horizons Continued: Enrollment Process, Administrative Logistics

Picasa is driving me nuts. So is Picasa Web Albums. I have resorted again to downloading images on Stokastika Googlepages. Scream! I'm pulling my hair out. If I were a computer science major, perhaps I wouldn't be complaining right now. Same for being an auto mechanic.
All righty! So, above are more administrative nuts and bolts for initiating Blue Horizons: course descriptions, calendars, add codes, schedule... which I must say, the class setup was brilliant. Monday and Wednesdays included a course in the morning, the film theory class in the evening, and Tuesday-Thursday was film production right in the middle of the day. I remember a while ago how Eric Zimmerman (counselor/advisor in the Environmental Studies Program at UC Santa Barbara, regional professional photographer) told us about how technology has changed the school system. Before, when he went to school, you had to wait for a day in a very long line in order to register for classes. You would have something called a "punch card" I believe and use this card to become enrolled. Funny. I'm sure you had all day to think TWICE about what type of class to take. Now it's just a five-second button click over the internet and you're enrolled!

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