Monday, March 10, 2008

128. Blue Horizons Continued: Very First Blog on June 25, 2007

Yesterday I spent my afternoon out with Oscar Flores out in Ventura. It was a nice, much needed break, but as I return to blogging, I feel guilty for having fun.... I have to get back into the Zen of Blue Horizons flashbacks.
Basically, the next three blogs will post the "first three blogs" that I wrote in the summer of 2007 that I never had the chance to post... until now. I wrote them in Microsoft Word, not exactly knowing how Blogger worked at the time. Since these first three blogs are rather long, I will review them and type out key words / key quotes, such that they are hopefully more "searchable" on the internet.

Above is the pdf file of my first blog.
And here goes a string of key words and quoteable quotes!
**Dealing with the Initiation of a Blog ** Why Blog ** lose track of time ** the hardest part is always starting / but once you're going you keep on rolling! ** from initiation to habits to addiction ** blogging versus journal writing ** university 31 flavors Baskin Robbins ** females rambling contextually and gossip properties versus males short and to the point ** audience versus non audience ** mental entropy ** spontaneous organization ** shifts in audience ** first 100 blogs are junk, but the 101st blog will start to look interesting ** who is the audience ** my dad said "I only know 20 people very well in my life** gradient from humanity to pseudo-autism ** at least 20 people care about my blog ** "all of you make up the pieces of me" ** Vic the Conglomerate ** I am more inspired by conversations than reading books ** Victoria, Vic, Vickle the Pickle, La Victoria Salsa, Victoria's Secret ** "I am the summation of elements from my environment" ** self-promotion, marketing is a necessary evil demon for self survival in a mass-production system ** simultaneously selfish and selfless ** relativistically selfish ** internal TV-box reality ** apathy and pacification are evil ** "the greatest evil of all of humanity is apathy and lack of action" ** "to me, human interactions through bureaucratic structure is like capillary action of water molecules through a tree" have to tag a water molecule higher up to go up the branch to the next step ** positive and negative molecular interactions of humans ** MENTAL DIGESTIBILITY ** interactive ** multi-media ** biologically incorrect: if to laugh, then to think ** Mark Twain flashback ** "educational entertainment" ** re-integration of education and entertainment ** MENTAL METABOLISM ** cussing issue ** f*ck or fxck ** "my brain feels like an eternal abyss of ideas at the moment" **


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