Tuesday, March 11, 2008

132. Blue Horizons Continued: Random Experiences in Between: A Photograph Taken During Demo Video at Coal Oil Point

I am now in this phase of blogging in which I got over the worst, but I'm going to touch upon quite a few random (yet important) incidents and events that happened during the Blue Horizons Program that I didn't have a chance yet to touch upon.
This above image is very interesting to me. I wish I had the color image right along side it. Why? Because the color image is actually very boring but the black-and-white version is actually very interesting--an optimal distribution of pigeonholes and sharp lines and contrasts of pigeonholes within the image. Coal Oil Point Reserve, just west of UC Santa Barbara. Two surfers standing in the shallow water. A pack of eager surfers waiting for ideal waves. Platform Holly (oil rig) in the distance. I took this picture late July of 2007 when Nicole Bulalacao and I were struggling to do our first interview film assignment. I guess it's one of those moments to say that "Life's a bxtch to go through but fun and amusing to reflect upon."

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