Tuesday, March 18, 2008

144. Blue Horizons Continued: "World's Easiest Catch: Zen of Rock Crab" Sample Shotlog Developed from Keith Boynton's Example

On a previous post, I included a shotlog that Keith Boynton gave me, which was a great baseline to start with. I modified it a little bit to the shotlog above. I created this shotlog in a frantic state, one week before the film was due. When I started writing notes, it was very strange to feel "confined" by this Shotlog. My true, instinctive desire was to write on a blank sheet of paper any random rock-crab associated idea I had. I guess it's that same feeling I always had when I tried to use those pre-organized school-and-calendar-planners you buy at the store.

At age 19, in the beginning of spring quarter of 2001, my mind tweaked such that I started using a white "blank" sheet of paper for notes (instead of lined paper or paper with pre-existing marks). All my ideas come out random and spur-of-the-moment, and if I create a structure or organizational matrix for these random ideas, it is always retroactively.

I think the first step to any project is to allow infinite mental freedom and unstructured outpourof ideas to come out. Then structures can be implemented the next rount. It's like those school planners and their grids are already placing your mind into an arbitrary prison: the manufacturers organization of reality rather than exploring your own!

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