Tuesday, March 18, 2008

145. Blue Horizons Continued: "World's Easies Catch: Zen of Rock Crab" Sample Letter for Permission to Film at Lazy Acres Market in Santa Barbara

Below is a pdf file of the above letter to "Jason," the manager of Lazy Acres Market in Santa Barbara, California.


Early today I wrote a fragmented essay on the philosophy of grocery stores and food in general... as well as more specific background on the situation with Lazy Acres. But my attention span at this moment is quite low, so I will focus on writing this short monologue-ish essay in a future blog.

ONE MESSAGE FOR NOW: If you think you are switching majors and fields so that you can avoid lag time and waiting time to get "PERMITS," I'm sorry, but that AIN'T going to happen. Permits are everywhere. They are a plague to individual flow of thought and action. Whether I am an ecologist or earth scientist... or now... a film-person, I have to deal with PERMITS! Some basic rules with permits: (1) if you want to muck around with living vertebrates, good luck, you'll have to wait for 6 months to 6 ice-age-hot-house cycles (2) if you want to muck around with rocks, the lag time is much shorter (3) the larger the organization you have to deal with, the longer the time you will have to wait to get your project done, simply because people have to go through capillary action up the corporate ladder.

In the circumstance of Lazy Acres, the store used to be a local, independent operation, but I think they recently merged with "Foster Farms"? I might be mistaken. Hence, I had a week lag time before I received approval from Jason the manager to go ahead and film inside the store.

Other ideas I'll share at a later time! :-)

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