Wednesday, March 19, 2008

149.Blue Horizons Continued: "World's Easiest Catch: Zen of Rock Crab" Lightning Lamps Photoshop Experiment Resumed

I guess you can see an inherent obsession with lava lamps, plasma lamps, and the like. I already MADE a blog devoted to lightning and plasma lamps, and I can't help but doing a second! This blog also provided training wheels in terms of how to embed a picture slideshow to my blog. I will have to get used to this. It is in part distracting, and I would prefer still images. But it's good to experiment. It's always healthy to try something new! I remember Maria Gordon stating that it's important to have some degree of "motion" in a website, but there is a point where motion can become a distraction. I will have to find the right balance of motion: from healthy stimulation to cluttery, overwhelming distraction! *Sigh*
I remember Dr. George Legrady giving me a hard time with my rock crab film and the use of plasma lamps. The Media Arts Technology Approach is to create novel, sophisticated technologies to design a lava lamp or plasma lamp impression. And me? Shame on me. I did the cheapskate way: I USED a plasma lamp! With the Michel Gondry style, if you are creative enough, there is always some form of "cheapskate" way to do something that is supposedly complex. I will go the cheapskate route. Blame my mother for imposing her penny-pinching values on me :-)
The second thing I must state is that NO MATTER HOW MUCH FANCY TECHNOLOGY YOU HAVE AND USE... from paper and pencil to high tech mac computers to photoshop to new, fancy technologies from the MAT department, if you don't have any ideas INVENTED, DESIGNED, CONSTRUCTED IN YOUR OWN MIND, then nothing will come of owning a multi-million dollar entertainment operation. I have a relative who has a fancy macintosh and a $5000 Sony HD camera. He doesn't even use the camera. It sits in its box.
If you have no ideas on how to put together a story, you can have all the fancy equipment in the world and nothing will come together.
For me? I always start with the primitive: my brain, my hands and fingers, a pencil, and a paper.

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