Tuesday, April 08, 2008

163. Reprioritization

Okay, Vic. Stop. Stop. STOP! You are becoming over-exposed. Information overload drove you to overeat last night. It is the trade-off of physical and mental consumption. You need to prioritize here. You need to rewind the clock. You need to be bold and daring and GIVE YOURSELF FREE TIME.

You need to build your reality THOUGHTFULLY AND CAREFULLY. How did Larry Page and Sergei XXX (Brin?) build Google? Thoughtfully and carefully. Vic, your to-do list is monumental. The mental size of Katmandu. That is not good. Right now you need to mentally CONSUME LESS and PRODUCE MORE.

I am not useful running around randomly like a freak. As if I was becoming a human molecule, becoming a victim of modern human society: hyper from being overexposed to too many people, too much information, all mediated through rapid technology. I can't let my own health fall apart here.

You need to collapse. Mentally deflate here.

Remember spring 2001? I just finished Principles of Evolution, Shoreline Preservation, and was admitted to CCS. I went home, Vic. I needed to deflate. Progress comes with free time. Lack of interruption.

Geology is addicting. Especially with Dr. Art Sylvester. But I need to go through withdrawal. This will have to be a future quarter. Perhaps in the fall.

I just talked with my father over the phone. He helped me with this mental reprioritization.

It's so funny. This blog is about human-environmental issues, and you also get to witness my dealing with my own borderline management of sanity and insanity. I think I am insane but I try to manage and conceal it very well. It comes out every once in a while. I'm sorry if any of you out there become a victim of it.

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