Friday, April 11, 2008

165. Song / Poem Called "Downsize" Pertaining to Alexios Monopolis' Research in Voluntary Simplicity

It is very funny to think that people do research on certain things, and my mind's like "Oh ya. I wrote a poem on that." Same with Alexios' situation. He is doing research on voluntary simplicity and why/how people come to choose such a lifestyle. And the impacts of such a lifestyle. And the first thing that came to my head was this poem / song I wrote quite a while ago called Downsize. I have rough recordings of how the song is supposed to sound like, which is actually partly melodic, partly tribal, partly arabic. Based on observations of California Sound Studios, my music has a tendency toward tribal / primitive sounds. I have been lately adding quite a few tinges of jazz to music, like Beautiful Boy and Manufactured. Like Scott Joplin's been haunting me. I started out liking the simplicity of Nick Drake, and then I started to sound boring to myself, so then I started branching out toward the direction of Bjork and quasi Alanis Morrisette.

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