Monday, April 28, 2008

173. Great Friend Oscar Flores Starts a Blog

My generalist cinematic guru and great friend Oscar Flores started a blog, and his first blog was on honesty. I made such comments below!


I thought this article is very well thought out. The underlying logic structure is to take a very personal, hurtful, painful experience, and then extrapolate this experience to a broad-scale “mass accumulation effect” or a summation effect of all humans and their organizations of resources/technologies/communications. This is how I tend to write as well.
I am glad definitions are used in the dictionary to understand the “root definition” of honesty, but I also invite people to just think about your everyday experiences and try to define words yourself without looking at the dictionary, like the word “honesty.” Just for fun. Though dictionaries are great baselines, or starting points.
In short, I think human behavior is very confusing when you just study humans. I actually studied human behavior when studying biology. I studies the lives of all these freaky organisms, some I knew existed and some I didn’t, and through their own ecologies and evolution, I was able to start formulating my own methodologies about human behavior… including issues of honesty, lies, and all gradients in between.
I learned what honesty meant not through humans but through a course in animal behavior. I learned about reciprocal altruism / synergetic symbiosis. I realized in order to maintain a stable interaction between another organism (human, ha ha) that there needs to be a two-way street of communication and resource exchange. If this starts to become skewed: e.g. one person starts to distort communication and takes more than their share of resources, the interaction becomes strained and the other person starts to question the benefit of pursuing such an interaction. Costs start to outweigh benefits and then the interaction and exchange is broken. I am detecting that such is the case with such a personal interaction.
I have been there and done that. I was quite used in high school for my school work and didn’t get much back. I got quite trampled but I allowed it. The result is a void in my self, and in college I finally learned how to address this void and what “underlying rules of human behavior” allowed me to feel good as well as the other parties I was interacting with.
It is important to listen to internal callings and untangle all the little things that bother you–and even trying to find the underlying mechanisms for these bothersomes. A lot of them have to do with human relations, honest and deceit.
So, as you can tell. I am rambling. I am breeching skewed communication. To spare us all, I shall shut up!

This is an update from May 27, 2008. Oscar and Julio just spent a lot of time designing a website for a production company called Black Velvet Productions. It is really complex--a lot of elements added to the website I do not know how to do. It has a very mysterious feel to it, as if we are under-cover journalists/reporters or something. He he he. Always wonderful to dream!

Please check out!

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