Wednesday, April 30, 2008

175. "Lucky Find" An Incomplete Resurrected Poem I Wrote Fall of 2004 (my goodness, time flies and ideas rot!)

Lucky Find

Tonight I met an other of my kind
and made a surprising lucky find
to probe another beautiful mind
and now I can sleep knowing I'm
not alone.

Inspired by Dr. Eric Riggs, a professor at Cal State San Diego, integrative research in Education and Earth Sciences. He's left-handed and we hit it off *bam* like that. We met at the 2004 Geological Society of America (GSA) meeting. Dr. Riggs was a former Ph.D. student at UC Riverside. Before Earth Sciences, he was an English major. We both agreed that scientists fail to acknowledge that science is done by humans, and therefore we must question the definition of "objectivity." And objectivity merely represents human personality and human perception of Reality. From individual to collective. Best be called "intersubjectivity."

Dr. Riggs gave me advice that if I want to tolerate a person for a long time, it best be a Southpaw. I thought it was just for the purpose of soulmates, but this also applies in terms of finding a Ph.D. advisor. He he.

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