Wednesday, April 30, 2008

177. Biologically Incorrect with Terra and Buz: In Honor of the Zone-out Dog (ZOD)

Also in PDF format.

I wrote this little dialogue snip-it during my struggles at UC Riverside in the schoolyear 2005-2006. I guess I had a few light-hearted moments. I was inspired by Frannie and Franklin, two mut-like dogs (so mixed in breed they're not worth teasing apart) owned by Dr. Tim Lyons (Earth Sciences) and Sarah Simpson (science writer). These dogs were psychological relief to me. I even wrote poems about them. I now have a new set of dogs to work with--Mini Miss Einstein and Onyx Megafauna--but this will be a blog for a later time :-). In short, Mini Miss Einstein has been so inspiring to me, I will be incorporating her into my script writing. I even wrote one time about how Mini prances around like an Unwritten Book.

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