Wednesday, April 30, 2008

186. Terra and Buz' Adventure / The Landscape of Skin

The Landscape of Skin

What would happen if I penetrated?
What I see is that Terra and Buz entered this seeming underwater planetary system.
They emerged from this dark, narrow rabbit hole, which then expanded into this entire Reality of the Landscape of Skin.
They were swimming and floating and slipping and sliding and poking and nudging...
And some areas were mooshy and gooey and other areas were crusty and wrinkly and even other areas were hard and boney--some smooth, but some sharp--and they were like mountain peaks, and some were just rounded-off mountains and others were valleys and gullies of moosh, some squeezy, some more tough and toned.
And in this vast, vast world, Terra and Buz were overwhelmed by the Landscape of Skin's simple, abstract Beauty, but they were glad they were together and stuck close to each other--back-to-back--always glimpsing, bumping into each other, in occasionally awkward and occasionally synchronized ways, making sure they were still there, because they were both excited and scared at the same time.

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