Wednesday, April 30, 2008

187. Poem, A Secret of My Triune Mind

Victoria's Secret?
Yes, yes, enough cliche.
But I have a secret.
Lots of them.
But here's one.
Have you ever heard of the Triune Brain Model?
Have you ever heard of Evolutionary Psychology?
You think you are Battling the World Outside
But ultimately the Battle Lies Inside You.
Because you have multiple, simultaneous neurological programs
Firing off at once at a given time.
So for example, I am staring at you.
But there are multiple layers of neurobiology
That are firing right now.
Like this rational engagement,
These past series of rational engagements,
Of all the things I love to talk and think about all the time.
But there is this emotional component I try to keep maintained and managed
But it has already melted like butter over a stove
Because you have found a lot of code
To crack the hard outer shell.
And I know this is an oxymoron,
I want to be an individual and independent
But at the same time
I am a eusocial mammal
And unavoidingly cannot deny that
I need others--
Otherwise I go nuts and grow that hard outer shell so thick...
And so I need to share my independence with someone else.
And that is an oxymoron in words
But ultimately a "logical" thought of the human mind
Just to compromise rationality with primitivity
And so
That's what I'm thinking about when I stare at you
And I'm sorry I think that way
I can't help it.
It's evolutionary wiring in me.
It's not like I can scoop these programs out of my brain
And toss them in a trash can.
So that's all.
That's a secret of my triune mind.

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