Wednesday, April 30, 2008

194. A Game Called "Jumping Through Hoops"

Made up this game called "Jumping Through Hoops."
Played between 2 or 3 or more people, but they are always one-on-one sparred matches.
It's kind of like Truth or Dare.
The fun part of the game is that you get to know your friends in a way you NEVER knew before.

There are two people.
One person states (a) I will ask a question (b) I will make a statement.
The person does (a) or (b).
If it is (a), the other person MUST respond to the question.
Then the other person must decide (c) it's true or false, and (d) I accept or reject it.
If it is (b), the other person must decide (e) it it's true or false, and (f) I accept or reject it.
Questions and statements must be paired off to make even trials.
The goal is to get 10 "truth-accept" pairs out of your "rivals."
You cannot keep track of your own score.
Someone else keeps track of your score, and you keep track of another person's score.

If a friend asks an "embarrassing question" that may put another person or everyone in a vulnerable position, before you ask the question or make the statement, you have to go through the ritual saying: "We solemnly swear that after this question or comment and acceptance/rejection, we shall remain friends and in good terms afterwards." Then you must also ritualistically shake hands with the person you spar off with.

The winner can force anyone in the group to do something he or she has NEVER done before in his or her entire life. The winner has the satisfaction of observing this Rite of Passage of Novelty

Best add the ingredient of beer to this game, especially post-21 years of age.
It takes off a nerve!

Some fun questions to ask:
(1). If you had one day left to live, what would you do?
(2). What is a quirk you have (acquired from childhood, your parents)?
(3). Any near-death experiences? Spill it.
(4). What makes you desperate?
(5). What makes you cry?

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