Monday, May 05, 2008

180.Julie Ekstrom's Tough Morning Crowd for her Ph.D. Dissertation

It is not that Julie's audience for her dissertation was particularly tough. It is just that it was a very serious ambiance to the whole occassion, from Julie's formal, professional talk--though she always has this very positive, upbeat aspect of her presentation!--and it was a cloudy, early Monday morning (Cinco de Mayo, it happened to be). I am not even sure if people were truly ready to "grasp" the notion of the "weekday" yet. I even was nervous, to even think a powerhouse committee of five was in the room--from Dr. Oran Young to Dr. Bonnie McCay (mispelled?) to Dr. Steve Gaines to a couple of other people I don't know so well. Just from that, I shuddered. I also was kind of overwhelmed because I knew quite a few people there who attended.

Coffee and pasties I am sure cheered everyone up. The room was very dark, but everything was very professional. Very, very professional. In some ways good, but in some ways tragic. I think creating a cartoon was a very pschologically relieving thing for me to do. And a light-hearted thing to do for quite a few other people.

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