Monday, May 12, 2008

190. A Few Major Things That Are Not Accounted For in Our Economy

1. Mothers. (Economy values "lack" of motherly behavior because then kids get raised by Hollywood television and plastic toys instead) (And I don't think tax breaks on kids are good enough).

2. Indirect and Diffuse Human-Environmental Impacts (e.g. California fishing communities, fishermen are hit hard with regulations, such as constraints in fishing, because they directly fish and sell marine resources, but other contributors to altered ecosystems, like land-based human activities (pesticides, agricultural run-off) are not getting heavily hit, though they are greatly contributing to negative shifts in coastal ecosystems.

3. Human health, physical and mental. Maintained through change of behavior and change of environment. Human physical and mental health are only valued by the cheap-fix product-based solutions to "solve" them, more so place addictive bandaids on, but there is no value in individual reflection and behavioral/environmental change that would allow one to survive in sanity without necessarily mediated through some product.

4. Change. Change is not accounted for in the economy. Anything newly created (whether an idea/discovery or an invention) is at first unaccounted for in the economy but it is ultimately the "last frontier," whether it's the Wild West or New Worlds in the mind, though at first is economically unaccounted for (but slowly incorporated over time), is ultimately what keeps the economy floating and evolving... and still staying in one piece!

I am sure there are a whole bunch of other major things not accounted for in our economy, and I for one am not ready to put a price tag on the atmosphere, because that is just cliche global warming bullshxt on the news. I at the moment am purposefully trying to avoid Red Herrings.

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