Monday, May 12, 2008

192. Poem "I-Found-It-Made-It-Not-Bought-It" Seashell

I made this for a friend's birthday, but I never had a chance to turn it in.
You may think this is a very ordinary seashell, but it’s not. It's a special seashell.
It's a "I-Found-it-Made-it-Not-Bought-it" seashell.
Which implies exactly what I did.
And the whole point is that I took the time and effort to scan the beaches,
find the seashell with a special hole (drilled by an Octopus, consequentially a very good jewelry-smith), and went home to polish and string it, and put it on this paper.
And I took extra steps of Self-Creation that may add extra value
besides buying a Hallmark card and a a box with a rock in it, made by somebodies else.
Though this seashell was manufactured by evolution and ecology,
and this string was indeed manufactured by humans from elements of the Earth
manipulated through geological and organic processes,
at least I took in part some degree of manipulation and processing,
before it came to your hands.
So I really hope there is extra meaning in this partial self-creation,
and I hope you really enjoy your "I-Found-it-Made-it-Not-Bought-It" seashell!!!

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