Tuesday, May 13, 2008

195. Rated X Interview Question List with Kamron Sockolov: Philosophical Rock Crab Consumer (to be held tomorrow)

This is just the FIRST page!
Enjoy the rest of the interview question here! Totally philosophically uninhibited! Unrestricted!

Hey Kamron!
Have fun! Don't think too much about this!
Enjoy the process! Get intoxicated however you feel.
These will be the best interviews ever.

I just got done with some interview through a large agency, and it was kind of depressing how people have to be restricted in what they say simply because they represent this agency, not themselves. So, please represent yourself!

See you tomorrow around 6. Might show up early. If you can find that wrench you used to open the crab. That would be great. Improvisational!

Best, Victoria

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