Thursday, May 15, 2008

199. Experimental Interview with Kamron Sockolov: Environmental Psychology, Perception, Aesthetics, and Human Decision-making w/ Non-Profit Marketing

First of all, I am very proud of myself to state that I took BOTH pictures above. The cute little fuzzy snowy plover by Coal Oil Point (Santa Barbara), and this Very Cute But Less Fuzzy and Super Adorable Rock Crab at the Harbor in Ventura. Okay. Fine. One has a little more Cuteness and Sex Appeal than the other. No! It's not black and white! It's not Uma Thurman on the left and George [Ape] Bush Junior on the right! Hey, hey, HEY!!!
Maybe one of my points here is that beauty can be an acquired taste. And appearances can be deceiving. Humans and non-humans. I adore my rock crab so much I could kiss it on the carapace! Okay, in the name of tree-hugging! You know I'm just being biologically incorrect!
Kamron works for a non-profit in downtown Santa Barbara, and I was able to incorporate a component of the interview about non-profit groups, non-profit marketing, and the notion of aesthetics, "poster children" of the environment, and how much aesthetics drive human decision making in terms of what we care about... and whether that is really a problem or not. And then the mentality, the discrepancy between idealisms of non-profit groups (runned by independent individuals with shared collective values to solve real-world problems) versus the harsh, hypocritical realities of most non-profits (very little citizen support, receive donations from big megacorporations with agendas and desires for tax write-offs, most of the time is toward fund-raising and maintaining bureaucracy, rather than energy directly toward the problem itself, true agendas are pushed off as side projects as megacorporate well-funded agendas are put to the forefront). So much for non-profits. The crux of system inefficiency. *Sigh* It seems like this society is so huge and so disorganized, we are making jobs that don't really seem to need to exist, and all jobs that NEED to exist DON'T exist. *Sigh*
Kamron had made some amazing comments on the issue. I will be writing more on this later.
All I can say is that the last remaining frontier of research of "the environment" comes down to a systematic investigation of the Absurdity of Human Behavior... relative to the Environment, that is.... This seems to transcend all arbitrary classifications of the social sciences--race, class, politics, religion... all artificial constructs that don't really seem to exist when it comes to re-defining humans in relation to their environment....

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