Tuesday, May 20, 2008

208. Shifting Sands of Goleta Beach, Screening at the University Arts Center, May 20, 2008

I decided that before I attend the screening that I must finally put up my major final projects for "Shifting Sands of Goleta Beach" that will serve well in an art/film portfolio. They include my poster collage, postcard collage, logo, banner design, and a song that I invented, unfortunately never manifested in complete piano form. It ends up the art I created not only represent the situation with Goleta Beach, but also summarize much of how I view all human dimensions of environmental problems. Most particularly the poster collage of the head and the environmental images inside it. *Sigh* I am sure I will be emotionally charged with memories after experiencing my first reception for Masters of Fine Arts students at UCSB, which include Alexios Monopolis and Kirsten Pisto! So excited. I will write more later. I am anticipating Alexios will have blazing amazing photography much equivalent to Manufactured Landscapes style.

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