Thursday, May 22, 2008

209. Preliminary Question List for Charlie the Academic-oriented Fisherman, World's Easiest Catch

Above is a preliminary question list I made for Charlie. I was supposed to contact him on Monday but I had a very stressful meeting with Dr. John Melack, but after two hours, ended out to be just fine. I decided to make the question lists more "rough" in version and not include the "visual continuity" exercises that I wrote down for Sam Shrout's and Kamron Sackolov's interviews. I will just bring the old visual continuity checklists with me. Charlie is the UCSB-geography-majored fisherman who has an understanding of what it means to think like a fisherman and to think like an academic. His viewpoint is SO crucial to this film. Besides, Charlie spent a great amount of time introducing me to the rock crab industry and hooking me up to Phil Freemand and Kent Schiff.

I had a hard time contacting Charlie yesterday, so I truly hope I will be able to contact him soon. I will try and call him later today after I finish Phil's question list, and a couple of other items.

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