Thursday, May 22, 2008

212. Sample Visual Continuity Exercises with Kamron Sackolov, World's Easiest Catch

Included here is a separate sheet of "visual continuity" exercises.... "Plastic crab versus real rock crab" is not included. I gave Kamron a plastic crab and he didn't respond well. I gave him a real crab, and he was SO ELATED! That worked unexpectedly well. I managed to do all exercises with Kamron except for the cognitive map "me box," which I might have to do on someone else in the house, mabye even Scott Chatenever. I managed to do all the exercises with Kamron, and he was REALLY patient with me to deal with all of it. I am trying to make all interviews under one hour, but I don't seem to be too successful at doing that. Kamron's is going to be by far one of the coolest interviews in all of this.

From now on, I will have visual continuity exercises printed separately from the interview question list, such that I won't intimidate or scare off any of the interviewers. These exercises are VERY SIMPLE, they just look complicated on paper.

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