Thursday, May 22, 2008

213. Protected Fetus Artwork, by Anonymous in Denial

Anonymous in Denial, my roommate, writes, "It is interesting to learn the structure of the male mind versus the structure of the female mind. What types of visions and creativity he has versus she has. For example, a female mind would write a detailed nuance movie like Lost in Translation, and a male would create a crass film like Superbad. Each gender appreciates the other film, but in terms of obsessing over creating a film like Superbad, I would never find the subject of high school students getting alcohol and getting laid their first time before college to be anything to create a movie about. I have no motivation.

I am assuming males are more creative in certain aspects of human relations in which females are less creative, but in other aspects, females can be more creative than males. It depends. In terms of a female's needs, I encapsulated it in a drawing series called Protected Fetus. The desire for the illusion of safety. The desire to be held and hugged until she feels relaxed enough to go venture out into the world again, and tense up with the usual anxieties of daily life. Then she runs back to the 'Squeeze Box,' as an autistic animal scientist would say (this scientist relates better to animals rather than humans). I wonder if a male drew something of what he wanted in terms of touch and the concept of safety from another person, what would he draw?

I told someone I made this fall quarter. It is spring quarter, 6 months later. Predestination, I suppose. He laughed."


Victoria "Stokastika" said...

I made an update of "protected fetus" and sent my work to my father, mother, and Jules. I placed these updated images in under the "graphic design" sector. I took out certain aspects such as "the illusion of safety" or the "buffer zone" I told Jules about in terms of playing mindtricks of how I get myself to write. Jules recommended that I make the "flower" portion of the image a little bit more prominent. My father just agreed. And? My father said he was thankful, and that the image was very, very deep. And that made me very happy.

Victoria "Stokastika" said...

Jules' commentary was that it was a bit "confusing" and "unclear" in concern of the curled-up person being "wrapped up" as a budding blossom. He didn't know that the outer parts were flower parts. The next time I modify this image, I will have to make more of an effort to clarify the flower parts!

Victoria "Stokastika" said...

Two new versions of "Protected Fetus" can be found at More specifically at and and and At first I thought I was going to place the first two images listed above on Printfection, but the images are too "fine art" for such a collection of work. It was the oddball out, for sure!