Thursday, May 15, 2008

215. Biologically Incorrect Cartoon, From Gender Mirrors to Prisms

Biologically Incorrect cartoon, Terra and Buz, from gender mirrors to prisms. Yesterday I saw prisms at Paradise Found, a new age shop in downtown Santa Barbara. It is where ~#~ got his prism in his room. He said I could borrow his, but I want to keep it in his room, for sure. I told him about my experience in the shop. Well, I was stunned. I had never really "consciously" been in a New Age shop before. I remember Seth reminding me how Sedona, Arizona was a total New Age hippi town, but I could only imagine.... ~#~ said that most new age shops all around the country have the same stuff. Hindu trinkets. Buddha zen section. Incense that made your nose go crazy and your head hurt. Everything is overpriced. I said I could say I am 3-5% associated to new age shops. I'm cool with all this spiritual consciousness stuff, but uh... after seeing 200-dollar crystals and some free calendar featuring 8 or 9 gods. I randomly chose Sheeva, apparently some MALE god (looks female, though, make up, earrings, the works) who is some ultimately consciousness god. Uh-huh. I was overwhelmed, but turned off at the same time. I told him about this very cool shop in the gut of a brontosaurus off of Cabazon. He's been there before. Hadleys, maybe. The shop had some new age stuff, but indian stuff, some useful trinkets (like swiss-army knife thingamabobs), but less consciousness stuff. It had more the feel of a gift shop of a natural history museum. But it was in the gut of a fake brontosaurus, right next to a morphologically incorrect T rex dragging his xss on the ground.
I also told ~#~ that I take a few "new age" items, like plasma lamps from Spencers stores and apply them to represent some holistic symbol of the dichotomies of specializations of science and stakeholders in general. The rock crab film has a plasma lamp. The next film (hopefully with lobster) will probably feature a prism.
Prism, see through, open mindedness, all questions at all directions. Find the common stuff in the middle. It's all the same, even though it seems different.
I guess this cartoon represents a joke that ~#~ told me. He introduced himself, "Hi, I'm ~#~, and I'm a human being." I forgot the context of the joke, but ironically that was a very cool thing to say to me. I truly always wanted to meet a human being.... I mean a human being in his or her entirety, unclassified by any arbitrary specialization. That's how I felt when I met a few actors on set for the movie Made of Honor with Patrick Dempsey. I always wanted to meet a holistic human being.... That's what actors are. They are and do everything (except for all the nuts-and-bolts BEHIND the camera).
And the second thing the cartoon represents is that in terms of male-female relations, I think I am starting to understand... at least one person.... Before, it seemed like a wall with all males, except for my dad. A mirror, you see different sides, but you don't penetrate and see the common stuff in the middle... like a prism... and I'll be dxmmed I sound New Agey. (Written May 22, 2008)

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