Thursday, May 29, 2008

221. Title Page for "Question Reality: An Investigation of Self-Humans-Environment"

I had a very strange conversation over the phone last Saturday night that shook me to the very barebones of my existence. Like I had been entirely figured out. That there was no longer any mystery. That I found out I was not the only one who was Questioning Reality. And then I was over it. I looked at my manuscript I have been sitting on for so long and said "Fxck it. Get this off your chest, Vic. It's over. I have been figured out. Everyone's Questioning Reality nowadays. I just formalized it in this writing here."

The most difficult part about self-publishing is book-ending the manuscript. You have to create the title page, the back page, the spine, and then all the little doo-hicky things in the middle, like a copyright page, devotions, prefaces, prefaces to prefaces, appendices, and appendices to appendices. That is the only thing I haven't done. Book end the dxm manuscript. It's already out of date. It was in date 2004-2005. I have evolved greatly since then.

Above is the title page series. And the basic drawings I made a couple of years ago. It took me a frickin 3 hours to make this frickin' title page. I mean, shoot me to a wall. I'm at a Kinkos off of Patterson in Goleta, California. I was chilling with a local band that just completed their debut album, Tommy and the High Pilots. They have a very feel-good classic rock. Young and restless types. But very classic. Will be playing Velvet Jones on June 15. They will be touring for a while. So, that made my experience in design a little less painless.

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