Friday, May 30, 2008

224. Initial T-shirt Design for Kent Schiff, Rock Crab Distributor: "I Got the Crabs from Kent!"

Kent and I pre-meditated a t-shirt for his rock crab distribution business LAST SUMMER. Can't believe it. Took me a year to get around to it. I showed Karl my housemate these drawings and he was impressed. Very catchy. But I will completely understand if Kent thinks that this happy little crab is a bit too "girly" for him, and for a t-shirt! But Karl said that this cute little happy cartoon crab counter-acts the harshness of the "I got the crabs from Kent" statement. Which the contrast of statement with cute-adorableness is probably what makes the shirt catchy--at least to Karl. One person down, 6 billion left on the planet left to convince that this t-shirt is effective.
Making this shirt has been therapeutic for me. I was inspired by this morning's shoot with Sam Shrout by UCSB Campus Point. It will be much easier for me to approach Kent tomorrow morning :-). I have a preliminary present to give him!

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